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Interview with Finger Eleven - Summerfest 2011

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Finger Eleven

photo by Sally Rosen - OFC Contributor

July 7, 2011. "It blurs together what you think is funny and interesting, you lose sight of it because you're in it and your life becomes a roller coaster everyday" says James Black, lead guitarist of the band Finger Eleven, when commenting about life on the road. James sat down with OFC at Milwaukee Summerfest and imparted his philosophies of life as a member of the successful, long running rock band and shared his views about music in the age of the web and the importance of investing in artists you appreciate.

James chats about Finger Eleven's latest album LIFE TURNS ELECTRIC and the making of the their latest release, what it has been like to see their mega hit "Paralyzer" become instituted in the world of games and even a theme park roller coaster. Black reveals back stage stories from the road, the band's creative song writing process and so much more.

This is one interview that intellectually dives deep, grabs interest from start to end and leaves wanting to know more about Finger Eleven the band! See the videos with photo montage from the Summerfest performance!

Download LIFE TURNS ELECTRIC on iTunes

Interview with James Black lead guitarist of band Finger Eleven (Part 1 and 2)

(mobile users can view the interview Part 1 on and Part 2 on


Photos, interview and videos by Sally Rosen - OFC Contributor

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